Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya Part 13: The Final Shake

$ 5.00


The final chapter of the popular party mix-cd, Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya.  The CD is mixed with Hip-Hop, R&B, and Baltimore House produced in the late 2000’s.  This is a straight mix, so most songs are not full length.

  1. Who the Fuck is That- Dolla, T-Pain
  2. Independent- Weebie
  3. Shootout- Soulja Boy
  4. Snap Ya Fingaz- Lil Jon
  5. Wipe Me Down- Lil Boosie, Foxx
  6. Donk- Soulja Boy
  7. In the Bag- Meek Millz
  8. Get Me Bodied- Beyonce
  9. Grimey- Nore
  10. Life of a Party- Snoop Dogg, Too Short
  11. Money in the Bank- Swizz Beatz
  12. Like That- Memphis Bleek
  13. Tambourine- Eve
  14. Whateva- Remy Ma
  15. You, Me, Him, Her- Jay Z, Memphis Bleek
  16. Touch it- Busta Rhymes
  17. Just Getting Warm (Break)- Busta Rhymes
  18. Don’t Touch Me (RMX)- Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Nas, Big Daddy Kane
  19. Just Fine (RMX)- Mary J Blige, Lil Wayne
  20. We Taking Over Freestyle- Lil Wayne
  21. A Millie- Lil Wayne
  22. Go DJ- Lil Wayne
  23. La, La, La- Lil Wayne
  24. Lollipop (RMX)- Kanye West
  25. Lollipop B-More Style
  26. Get Fresh Groove
  27. Hey ‘08
  28. Yeah, What
  29. Snap it
  30. Run Bitch, Run
  31. Throw it Back
  32. Pinky & the Brain
  33. Fine
  34. Pick it Up (RMX)
  35. Down on the Ground
  36. Salt & Pepper
  37. Tear Da Club up
  38. Slop on My Knob
  39. Ching, Ching


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