Philly Cookout- Old School Philly Hip-Hop

$ 10.00


Best of Philadelphia Hip-Hop, mixed by DJ Wreck. Songs may not be in their entirety.

  1. PSK- Schoolly D
  2. Juice Crew Dis- Cool C
  3. Serious (RMX)- Steady B ft. KRS-1
  4. Bring the Beat Back- Steady B
  5. Kick the Balls- Krown Rulers
  6. Crewz Pop- Da Youngsta’s
  7. No Words- 3 X Dope
  8. Dancer’s Theme- DJ Jazzy Jeff
  9. The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff- DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
  10. Ugly People Be Quiet- DJ Cash Money ft. Marvolous
  11. Get the Point- CEB
  12. Funky Dividends- 3 X Dope
  13. Do U Want More- The Roots
  14. Saturday Night- Schoolly D
  15. When & Where- Ram Squad
  16. Funk Vibe- Bahamadia
  17. Live at Union Square- DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
  18. Brand New Funk (Live)- DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
  19. My Part of Town- Tuff Crew
  20. Robbin Hood- Tuff Crew
  21. Keep it Movin- 2 Kannon
  22. We Don’t Play- DJ Miz ft. Fresco
  23. Glamorous Life- Cool C
  24. Confused- Larry Larr
  25. Proceed- The Roots
  26. We Getz Busy- Mally G from Illegal
  27. Beyond the Door- 100X
  28. Let the Hustlers Play- Steady B
  29. Gorrillas- CEB
  30. Greatest Man Alive- 3 X Dope


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