Another Cookout: Old School Hip-Hop

$ 6.00


DJ Wreck mixes old school Hip-Hop. Song songs may not be full length.

  1. Summertime- DJ Jazzy Jeff/ Fresh Prince
  2. Stick em-Fat Boys
  3. Rock the House-DJ Jazzy Jeff/Slick Rick
  4. La di da Di-Doug E Fresh
  5. Nuthin-Doug E Fresh
  6. No Half Steppin-Big Daddy kane
  7. Symphony-Marly  Marl/Juice Crew
  8. The Man We all Know & Love-Kwame
  9. Buddy-De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Bros.
  10. Funky 4 You-Nice & Smooth
  11. Dwyck- Gang Starr/Nice&Smooth
  12. Soul Clap-Showbiz & AG
  13. Make Room-The Alkoholiks
  14. Funky Child-Lords of the Under ground
  15. Chief Rocka-Lords of the Under ground
  16. Uptown Anthem-Naughty by  Nature
  17. Road to the Riches-Kool G Rap
  18. So What U Sayin-EPMD
  19. You got to Chill-EPMD
  20. The Big Payback-EPMD
  21. Rampage- EPMD/LL Cool J
  22. Jingling Baby-LL Cool J
  23. I’m Bad –LL Cool J
  24. Rock the Bells-LL Cool J
  25. Mr Big Stuff-Heavy D & The Boys
  26. Salt N Pepa Melody
  27. Rebel without Pause-Public Enemy
  28. Don’t  Believe the Hype-Public Enemy
  29. Paul Revere-Beastie Boys
  30. Here We Go-Run DMC
  31. It’s Like That-Run DMC
  32. Run’s House(Break)-Run DMC
  33. Sucker  MCs-Run DMC
  34. Beats to the Rhyme-Run DMC
  35. Peter Piper –Run DMC
  36. I ain’t no Joke-Erick B & Rakim
  37. Erick B 4 President-Erick B & Rakim
  38. What’s on Your Mind-Erick B &  Rakim
  39. Microphone Fiend-Erick B & Rakim
  40. Think About it-special Ed
  41. I Got it Made –special Ed
  42. Top Billin-Audio Two
  43. Come Clean –Jeru the Damaja
  44. Jackin 4 Beats –ice Cube
  45. Humpty Dance –Digital underground
  46. Greatest Man Alive-3XDope
  47. Serious (Break)-Steady B
  48. My Part of town-Tuff Crew
  49. Saturday Night (break)-Steady  B
  50. Throw ya Guns-Onyx
  51. How bout some Hardcore (break)-MOP
  52. Check the Rhyme-Tribe Called Quest







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