King of NY Pt 1: Best of Notorious BIG:

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Triple Mix-CD: Best of Biggie, mixed by DJ Wreck.  NOTE: Songs may not be in their entirety. Also, originally created in analog, so track quality is not the greatest, especially unreleased material.

Disc 1

  1. Intro
  2. Flava In Ya Year
  3. Dolly My Baby Feat. Puff Daddy,3rd  Eye
  4. Round & Round (Unreleased)
  5. Kick In The Door
  6. Victory Feat. Puff Daddy
  7. Freestyle
  8. Something Big. Feat.  Lord Tariq, Pudgee (Unreleased)
  9. Come On Feat. Sadat  X(Unreleased Original  Version)
  10. Juicy
  11. Dirty B Side Feat  Da  Brat
  12. Can’t You See
  13. Only You (Rmx)
  14. Real Love (Rmx) Feat. Mary J.Buge
  15. Mo Money , Mo  Problems (Rmx)
  16. Be Happy Feat. R.Kelly
  17. Fuckin U Tonight Feat. R.Kelly
  18. Big Poppa
  19. Get Money Feat. Lil Kim
  20. Get Money Feat  Jr. Mafia
  21. Bust A Nut Feat.  Luke
  22. Dreams
  23. All Men Are Dogs Feat. Grand Puba (Unreleased)
  24. Cunt  Renaissance(Unreleased)
  25. Keep Your Hands Up Feat. Tracey Lee
  26. Still Can’t Stop The Reign  Feat. Shaq
  27. I Love The Doe Feat. Jay Z
  28. Nasty Boy (Rmx/Original)
  29. Would You Die For Me Feat. Lil Kim


Disc 2

  1. Mad Rapper Intro
  2. Be the Realest Feat. 2pac
  3. Runnin Feat 2pac,Stretch (Unreleased)
  4. Long Kiss Good Night
  5. What U Want Nigga (Unreleased)
  6. Party & Bullshit (Rmx)
  7. Gimmie The Loot
  8. Warning
  9. Somebody’s Gotta  Die
  10. Who Shot Ya
  11. Suicidal Thoughts
  12. 10 Crack  Commandments
  13. Unbelievable
  14. I Got A Story To Tell
  15. It’s All About The Benjamin Feat. Lil Kim, Puff, Lox
  16. Me &My Bitch (Rmx)(Live)
  17. The Points
  18. Stop The Break Feat. Krs-1, Raekwon, Ron  G(Unreleased)
  19. Real Niggas(Unreleased Original Version)
  20. Brooklyn’s  Finest Feat. Jay Z
  21. The What Feat. Method Man
  22. One More Chance(Rmx)
  23. Players Anthem (Original/Rmx) Feat. Lil.Kim
  24. You’ll See Feat. Lox (Unreleased)
  25. Young G’s
  26. Oh My Lord  Feat. Special Ed
  27. Hypnotize
  28. Freestyle Feat.2pac
  29. House Of Pain (Original/Rmx) Feat.2pac,Stretch  (Unreleased)
  30. Real Niggas


Disc 3

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Lil Kim Intro
  3. Queen Bitch (Unreleased  Original Version)
  4. Dead Wrong (Unreleased  Original  Version)
  5. Niggas  Bleed
  6. Groupies
  7. Victory (Rmx) Feat. Puff Daddy
  8. Realm Of J.M.
  9. Freestyle Feat. Lox
  10. Respect
  11. Machine Gun Funk
  12. My Down Fall
  13. Come On (Unreleased  3rd Verse)
  14. Let Me  Get Down Feat. Craig  Mack(Unreleased)
  15. Freestyle/Dead  Wrong  Feat .Eminem , Busta Rhymes
  16. For My Niggas Feat. MOP, O. Konfusion, Red Hot (Unreleased)
  17. I Really Want To  Show  Feat. K-Ci, Jojo, Nas
  18. Jam Session Feat. Heavy D, Troo Kula  (Unreleased)
  19. Why U Tryin To Play Me Feat. Aaron Hall (Unreleased)
  20. One More  Chance   Pt 2
  21. Miss U Feat. 112
  22. Sky’s The Limit Feat. 112
  23. Notorious
  24. Biggie Feat. Jr Mafia
  25. We’ll Always Love Big Poppa Chant
  26. Outro


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