I Wrote your Shit- Reference Tracks CD (DOWNLOAD)

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Dj Wreck and DJ Ghost

Most R&B artists do not write their own music. The procedure is that the writer would sing and create a demo for the artist, so he/she would know how to sing the song.  This is called a Reference Track.

This CD is filled with the original R&B song, and the original unreleased demo reference track.  Some songs are written by big song writers such as Ne-Yo, The Dream, and Babyface.

  1. Up Outta My Face (RMX)- Mariah Carey ft. Nicki Minaj
  2. Up Outta My Face- The Dream (Reference for Mariah Carey)
  3. I Am- Mary J Blige
  4. I Am- Johnta Austin (Reference for Mary J Blige)
  5. Empire State of Mind- Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys ***
  6. Empire State of Mind- Angie Hunt (Reference for Alicia Keys)
  7. Stupid in Love- Rhianna
  8. Stupid in Love- NeYo (Reference for Rhianna)
  9. I Need a Girl- Trey Songz ***
  10. I Need a Girl- Johnta Austin (Reference for Trey Songz)
  11. Salute- Whitney Houston ***
  12. Salute- R. Kelly (Reference for Whitney Houston)
  13. Broken-Hearted Girl- Beyonce ***
  14. Broken-Hearted Girl- Babyface (Reference for Beyonce)
  15. Number 1 Sex- Keri Hilson (Original Reference for R. Kelly)
  16. Number 1 Sex- R. Kelly ***
  17. Number One- Just Blaze ft. Lil Wayne (Reference for Jamie Foxx)
  18. Number One- Jamie Foxx ***
  19. Rainman- Jamie Foxx ***
  20. Rainman- The Dream (Reference for Jamie Foxx) ***
  21. We Got Hood Love- Mary J. Blige ft. Trey Songz ***
  22. We Got Hood Love- Johnta Austin ft. Mary J. Blige (Reference for Trey Songz)
  23. Bed- J. Holiday ***
  24. Bed- The Dream (Reference for J. Holiday)
  25. Teach Me- Musiq ***
  26. Teach Me- Latif (Reference for Musiq)
  27. Umbrella- Rhianna ***
  28. Umbrella- NeYo (Reference for Rhianna)
  29. Go Girl- Ciara ***
  30. Hood Girl- T-Pain (Reference for Ciara) ***
  31. Bad Girl- Usher ***
  32. Thug Girl- Wil Guise (Reference for Usher) ***
  33. Jukin- Durrell Biship (Reference for Young Steff) ***
  34. Spotlight- NeYo (Reference for Jennifer Hudson) ***


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