Who is the King of Philly? Cassidy vs. Beanie Sigel (DOWNLOAD)

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At the time around 2005-06, Beanie Sigel and Cassidy were the biggest Hip-Hop artist in Philly. Both were Gold Selling artists with record deals.  So, DJ Wreck put out a mixtape with commercial, freestyles, and underground songs for the fans to decide who the King of Philly was.

Cassidy vs. Beanie Sigel Hosted by Cassidy

  1. Cassidy Intro
  2. Get the Fuck Outta Here- Cassidy
  3. Killin’ That- Beanie Sigel ft. Young Chris, Peedi Crakk
  4. AM to PM- Cassidy
  5. I’m a Hustla- Cassidy (Unreleased Original Version)
  6. ROC Cafe- Beanie Sigel ft. Memphis Bleek, Joe Buddens
  7. Aim for the Head- Cassidy feat. Game
  8. Philly- Beanie Sigel ft. Peedi Crakk
  9. Hold Dat- Cassidy
  10. Hold Dat pt 2- Cassidy
  11. The Pump- Cassidy
  12. On Fire Freestyle- Beanie Sigel & Rell
  13. Time to Get- Beanie Sigel
  14. Get Shot- Cassidy
  15. Where I’m From Freestyle Pt 1 & Pt 2- Beanie Sigel
  16. Purple Rain- Beanie Sigel ft. Bun B
  17. Live in Philly Freestyle- Cassidy
  18. I’m a Hustla- Cassidy
  19. Mac 10 Freestyle- Beanie Sigel
  20. It’s Over- Cassidy ft. Lotto
  21. Beans to the Rhyme- Beanie Sigel ft. Young Chris
  22. Tipsy Freestyle- Cassidy
  23. Keep Rockin- Cassidy
  24. One Shot Deal- Beanie Sigel ft. Redman
  25. Live in Chicago Freestyle- Cassidy
  26. Cassidy Outro
  27. I’m a Hustla (RMX)- Cassidy ft. Mary J. Blige



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