Best of Crews Pt 5: Wu-Tang Clan

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DJ Wreck mixes the Best of Wu-Tang Clan and its members including Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, and Ghostface Killah.  Great mix, but some songs may not be in its entirety.

  1. Intro
  2. Da Mystery of  Chessboxin-Wu-Tang
  3. Wu ain’t  Nuttin to F’ Wit-Wu-Tang
  4. I Get my thang  in Actions-Method Man
  5. Pinky Ring(Uzi)-Wu-Tang
  6. Cherchez  LaGhost-Ghostface Killah
  7. Shimmy Shimmy-Ol  Dirty Bastard
  8. Shame on a Nigga-Wu-Tang
  9. Got ya Money-Ol Dirty Bastard
  10. Bring da Pain –Method Man
  11. Incarcerated Scarfaces-Raekwon
  12. Back in the Day -Wu-Tang f/Ron Isley
  13. Shadow Boxin-Gza/Method Man
  14. Ice Cream-Raekwon/Ghostface
  15. All I Need (RMX)-Rza/Method man f/Mary J. Blige
  16. Release ya Self Breck
  17. Blue Streak-Raekwon
  18. La Rhumba (RMX)-Rza/Method Man f/fat Joe
  19. Freak n’U(RMX)-Raekwon/Ghostface killah
  20. Left, Right-Method Man f  Redman
  21. Round n Round(RMX)-Meth f/Jonell
  22. Anything(RMX)-Wu-Tang
  23. Never be the same again-Ghostface killah f/Carl Thomas
  24. All I Got is you(RMX)-Ghostface killah f/Mary J.Blige
  25. Nutmeg –Ghostface  killah
  26. Cobra Clutch –Ghostface killah
  27. Respect Power-Raekwon(UNRELESED)
  28. Wake Up-Raekwon
  29. Winter Warz-Cappadonna
  30. Special Delivery (RMX)Ghostface killah
  31. Triumph-Wu-Tang
  32. 7th Chamber pt 2-Wu-Tang
  33. Buck 50-Wu-Tang
  34. Brooklyn  Zoo-Ol Dirty Bastard
  35. Method Man (RMX)-Method man
  36. Method Man-Method Man
  37. It’s yours-Wu-Tang
  38. One of these Days-Wu-Tang
  39. Rainy Days-Ghostface killah
  40. Bake Cakes-Rza f/Kool G.Rap
  41. Can it be so Simple-Wu-Tang
  42. Cream-Wu-Tang
  43. Femme Fatale-Inspecktah Deck
  44. Da Rockwilder-Method Man f/Redman
  45. How High (RMX)-Method  Man f/Red Man
  46. How High-Method Man f/Red Man
  47. Gravel Pit-Wu-Tang
  48. Judgment  Day-Method man
  49. Proctect ya Neck-Wu-Tang
  50. Goodtimes-Ghostface killah (UNRELEASED)





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