His CDs have been reviewed on

  • XXL Hip-Hop magazine,
  • (Mix-Tape Mondays),
  • Technicians magazine


His accomplishments included being nominated for many different DJ Philly awards, and has been nationally recognized by Justo’s Mix-Tape Awards by being nominated for:

  • 2004 Underground Mix-Tape DJ of the year
  • 2004 Hip-Hop Mix-Tape DJ of the year
  • 2003 Hip-Hop Mix-Tape DJ of the year
  • 2002 Hip-Hop Mix-Tape DJ of the year


He has also been recognized with in depth articles in:

  • Philadelphia Metro (cover story)
  • Philadelphia Weekly

In 2008, he released a commercial official CD that was sold online and in stores, “King of Kings- City of Philadelphia.” The CD featured all original music from Philadelphia artists, including Peedi Crakk, Gillie Da Kid, Cyssero, Jakk Frost, E. Ness, and more.


Currently, Philly Wreck (DJ Wreck’s producer name) has retired from the mix-tape world and traded in the Techniques for the MPC. In 2010, Philly Wreck began producing and has worked hard to create a diverse set of beats. Specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music, Philly Wreck- Philadelphia producer, uses different producing styles to create a unique beat by sampling or creating original beats from scratch.
If you want a beat that sounds like everyone else, you won’t be interested in his style. His beats and producing style won’t sound like DJ Mustard or NoID, it will sound like Philly Wreck. He is currently signed to Phire Music Beats, and with their help he hopes to make placements with local and mainstream artists.

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